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  • The vital mineral
    magnesium mineralized water
    The human body needs about 300 mg of magnesium every day and even more if you engage in sports.
  • Fresh
    Unique Magnesium Technology
    For a healthy lifestyle
  • Delicious
    Magnesium enhances the taste
    Perfect for coffee, tea and the daily drinking pleasure!

Unique technology, available only from BWT


BWT enhances your tap water, whether with the compact Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter or your convenient drinking water dispenser. The addition of magnesium balances the mineral content of the tap water, while calcium, extraneous particles and chlorine are filtered out. The result is an almost neutral pH, which is perceived by water gourmets as particularly soft and pleasant tasting.
For a healthy lifestyle
Magnesium is a vital mineral that stimulates the cardiovascular system and mental capacity and is important for our muscle condition. Magnesium also boosts the immune system and plays a central part in our nervous system, thus helping to alleviate stress. And it is a well-known fact that the absence of stress improves the quality of sleep.
Particularly natural
The addition of magnesium keeps the mineral level of water in balance. The result is an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of water appreciate for its delicious taste and softness. Turn your tap water into a unique taste experience. It is perfectly suited for drinking with enjoyment every single day and lends your tea and coffee the best aroma.
Perfect taste
Magnesium Mineralized Water delivers more flavour in the glass or cup, because BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer Cartridges create the critical difference in taste. Whether for the perfect coffee or for a cup of full-flavour tea, Magnesium Mineralized Water from BWT guarantees premium quality for all hot drinks.

Environmental Awareness

You are not the only one who benefits from water from a Magnesium Mineralizer; you also help the environment, because you avoid the cost and inconvenience of buying and transporting expensive bottled water and can rely instead on a smart, environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic.
In addition, filtered water is a reliable means of protecting your household appliances like kettles and coffee machines from limescale deposits. Another “nice-to-have” bonus is that the Magnesium Mineralizer looks good, as confirmed by the many awards it has received – and it fits perfectly into any fridge.

Special Filtration Method

BWT's Unique Magnesium Technology

We have developed a special filtration method that makes good water even better!

The core of BWT’s unique, patented magnesium technology is the filter: it takes five filtration stages to enhance your tap water and turn it into pleasant-tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water.

In the process, we remove odourless and taste-impairing substances and enrich the water with precious magnesium, thereby maintaining the mineral content in balance at an almost neutral pH value.

Magnesium Mineralized Water gives an extra boost to your daily magnesium intake.

Think of the environment and your wallet

Why is BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water the Best Choice?

No plastic bottles, no more microplastics
Microplastic contamianation is a global environmental concern, they can be found everywhere: in rivers, oceans, food, bottled and tap water too. Microplastics are known to harm marine life, enter the tissues of animals and can be consumed by humans through water and food. Microplastics inlcude broken down plastic waste, micro fibres from clothes and micro beads from cosmetic products.
Eliminate microplastics from your drinking water
Microplastics have been found in bottled as well as tap water and can have various health effects by entering our bloodstream. By using BWT's high quality water filters, you can have the cleanest drinking water coming from your tap, free of any microplastics.
Moreover, BWT's Magnesium Mineralized Water gives an extra boost to your daily magnesium intake.
The best quality and the most cost efficient
BWT filters provide the freshet, highest quality drinking water you can get from your tap. You will save the logistics and the disposable packaging of bottled water. It is convenient to use and unlike bottled water, filtered tap water is always fresh, doesn't stay on the shelf for months before consumption and is less expensive than the highly marketed, fancy bottled water brands.

Fresh, filtered drinking water - Direct from the kitchen tap

AQA drink Pure

Fresh, filtered, tasty BWT water now comes directly from the kitchen tap.

The new AQA drink Pure complete systems combine the innovative BWT magnesium technology with modern tap designs from Grohe.

The water can be individually selected using two levers – either filtered mineralised drinking water or unfiltered, hot or cold tap water. Any way you like it. An LED display on the tap ring indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. Pure, tasty drinking water at home has never been easier.

Magnesium Mineralized Water

Magnesium Mineralized Water in Your Home, at Your Office

BWT provides Magnesium Mineralized Water for homes, offices, schools, clinics and waiting rooms worldwide. The attractive drinking water dispensers supplied by BWT deliver perfect Magnesium Mineralized Water at the push of a button. You can enjoy delicious water at room temperature, refreshingly cool, sparkling or hot. Another minor detail: the water for the dispenser also comes straight from the mains supply.
Magnesium Mineralizer
Magnesium Mineralizer cartridge for drinking water at the point of use, for the enrichment of water with magnesium and the prevention of limescale.

Magnesium Mineralizer

Under the Sink Cartridge

BWT AQA drink 40
With the stylish AQA drink dispensers, you can use water directly from the mains, and have mineral water by addig BWT's patented Mg2+ technology. You then receive hot, cold, ambient or even sparklig water at the touch of a button!

BWT AQA drink 40

Water Dispenser

BWT AQA drink 30 and 60
With their patented Magnesium Technology, the BWT filters transform simple water into magnesium mineralized water and ensure energy for the entire day. From the AQA drink water dispensers you have hot, cold, ambient or even sparkling water!

BWT AQA drink 30 and 60

Water Dispensers

Magnesium Mineralizer Jug
The stylish BWT jug is a smart alternative to water bottles. No more storage, no more logistics. Thanks to our patented Mg2+ technology, the BWT mineral water jug is the first and only filter jug that mineralizes your filtered tap water with magnesium. Filter capacity per cartridge: 120 L.

Magnesium Mineralizer Jug

Table Water Filter

in Sports



Following numerous successful marketing campaigns in recent years, BWT is ready to surge ahead to the very pinnacle of motor racing in the DTM, the most popular international touring car series.

BWT in Formula 1

The partnership represents BWT’s first involvement in Formula One as the brand takes advantage of the sport’s global footprint to promote its unique water treatment products, such as the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer.


BWT is a Partner in winter sports and is a proud supporter and sponsor of ski jumping and Alpine Ski World Cup.

Global Presence

BWT Group, Europe Number 1 in water technology - present in over 80 countries worldwide.

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